Top 5 Natural Ingredients for Dog Skincare

Skin conditions in dogs may lead to itchy, flaky, or scaly patches on their bodies that indicate more serious health concerns; in such cases, it’s wise to consult your veterinarian and follow their treatment recommendations.

This USDA organic paw balm is packed with nutritious ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils that nourish and comfort itchy paws and noses while healing minor wounds or cuts.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an essential fatty-soluble vitamin for your dog’s skin and fur health, helping prevent oxidative stress while supporting natural antioxidant defenses within their bodies. Furthermore, it enhances muscle health, cellular function, and performance. You can find vitamin E in many food sources, such as green leafy vegetables, plant oils, high-quality dog kibble, and topical applications to treat dryness, itchiness lesions, or dandruff in dogs.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant nutrient with numerous health benefits for dogs. As such, it works as an agent to neutralize free radical molecules with single electrons by quenching them out with single tocopherol molecules (the two most prevalent being g-tocopherol and a-tocopherol found in plant oils). Vitamin E should form part of their daily diet as it contributes to solid muscle development, optimal circulatory functioning, enhanced immune functioning, and protection from oxidative stress caused by free radical accumulation.

Free radicals are naturally produced by our bodies, but when their production increases too rapidly, they can lead to serious health complications like heart disease, arthritis, and cancer. Antioxidants are molecules that neutralize these free radicals and prevent further oxidative stress. Vitamin E is an outstanding example that is commonly found in many foods, such as nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils.

Though it is rare for dogs to experience vitamin E deficiency if their diet includes all necessary vitamins and minerals, you should still consider providing your pup with additional Vitamin E supplements if he has been experiencing poor eye health, weak muscles, vision changes, or immune impairment.

Vitamin E for dogs offers many advantages, including improvement to their skin, coat, and eyesight. With anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to soothe dry, itchy, or irritated skin and treat dandruff or even atopic dermatitis (an inflammatory skin condition), Vitamin E may also help slow cataract progression in their eyesight.


Aloe vera is an herb commonly used as a topical treatment for minor skin irritations in dogs and is frequently included in pet shampoos. On your pup’s sensitive skin, aloe vera can alleviate various conditions like dermatitis, allergies, and itching while acting as an antifungal to combat yeast infections that can cause itching and flaky skin issues. Its antibacterial properties may also help treat potential problems such as yeast infections causing itching or flakiness of their coat or fur coat.

Aloe vera is an effective natural moisturizer, offering your dog a rich source of nutrients to soften his coat and maintain healthy skin cells. As such, aloe can be particularly useful for dogs suffering from dry, irritated skin conditions like dry abrasions or insect bites; additionally, it may even help treat hot spots, which many dogs experience regularly.

When extracting aloe vera gel at home, use the leaves directly. Look for clear gel in the center surrounded by yellowish latex juice containing saponins that may be toxic to dogs. When purchasing aloe vera extract or gel from pet stores, ensure it’s 100% pure and contains no additional ingredients that might harm your pup.

Aloe vera can moisturize skin effectively and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to ease itching and swelling. Furthermore, its rich composition of antioxidants promotes skin health while decreasing signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines. Aloe can be applied directly onto the skin or combined with other ingredients for more targeted results.

Aloe vera can provide valuable nourishment and relief for the coat and skin of dogs when used in specially crafted pet skincare products, like PawPurity’s Lipa Nutritive collection from PawPurity. Thanks to its abundance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and healing properties, aloe vera has become integral to many pet skincare offerings today.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an incredible natural powerhouse packed with vital nutrients that nourish and protect skin and coat. Its emollient properties soften fur for shiny coats, while its antimicrobial qualities soothe itchy or inflamed skin. Coconut oil also serves as an effective treatment against hot spots or other minor wounds and irritations by providing a protective barrier against bacteria that accelerates healing time.

Coconut oil boasts many health advantages that make it an invaluable ally. Rich in medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) and saturated fats—two substances that have long been touted for their beneficial immune-boosting and energy-producing properties—these easily digested fatty acids can enhance the absorption of essential vitamins and nutrients that aid overall wellness.

When applied topically to your dog, coconut oil can be an excellent natural moisturizer. Massage some into their skin or fur to soothe dry patches and maintain a vibrant coat. In addition, its hydrating effects help smooth and detangle long or curly coats, making them easier to brush through without knots and tangles!

Coconut oil provides your dog with an ideal fat source that’s gentle on his digestion. It boasts essential MCFAs that aid digestion, while its lauric acid content promotes immune support.

Virgin or extra-virgin coconut oil is ideal for canines as it undergoes less processing and retains more beneficial properties than refined coconut oil. Furthermore, opt for organic varieties to prevent potential chemical or pesticide contaminants.

Start gradually introducing coconut oil to your dog’s diet with a quarter of a teaspoon for smaller breeds and up to one teaspoon for larger breeds, increasing slowly over several days as you observe signs of indigestion or stomach upset. Bailey’s CBD Paw and Nose Balm is an effective topical formulation with coconut oil, Aloe Leaf Juice, Shea Butter, and Sunflower Seed Oil combined into one blend for optimal skin, paw pad, and nose health.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural plant fluids distilled into liquid form that, when used correctly, have numerous health and well-being benefits for humans and pets. When added to a dog’s skincare routine, essential oils can improve its skin, coat, and mood and provide natural solutions to treat common ailments like fleas or ear infections.

Due to their greater sensitivity than humans, dogs need only diluted essential oils applied topically on their skin. Pure essential oils contain highly concentrated compounds that should never be applied directly onto a pup’s skin (even when labeled “dog-safe”) without first diluting with carrier oil or water for safety. Otherwise, they could potentially cause burns and other unwanted effects unless properly diluted beforehand.

Essential oils for dogs include lavender, chamomile, frankincense, and ylang-ylang. When used correctly, they can help promote relaxation, soothe itchy skin conditions, repel fleas and ticks from their fur, reduce anxiety levels, and facilitate digestion.

Geranium, sweet birch, and myrrh essential oils may also prove beneficial in treating itchy skin, alleviating anxiety and stress levels, soothing inflammation, and improving circulation.

When your dog experiences any adverse reaction to essential oils, it is imperative that it visit its vet immediately. This is particularly crucial if it displays symptoms of shock or respiratory distress due to ingestion or inhalation.

At first, it is wise to only apply a few drops of oil at once to test for skin irritation or allergic reactions in your pet. You can apply it directly or mix it into carrier oils like coconut or olive.

Utilizing a PRIDE+GROOM shampoo containing a compelling blend of essential oils can save you and your pup the hassle and time required to create custom dilutions from scratch. These pre-mixed solutions can be easily added to their daily grooming regimen to soothe their skin, treat irritated areas quickly, repel pests quickly, and relieve stress, anxiety, and tension.

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