DIY Pet Toys: Creative Ideas for Engaging Your Pets


Creating DIY pet toys is a fun and cost-effective way to entertain your pets. Homemade toys can be customized to suit your pet’s preferences and provide mental and physical stimulation. This guide offers creative ideas for DIY pet toys that are easy to make and enjoyable for your furry friends.

DIY Dog Toys

T-Shirt Tug Toy

Transform old T-shirts into a durable tug toy:

  • Cut the T-shirt into strips.
  • Braid the strips together, tying knots at both ends.
  • Voila! A sturdy tug toy your dog will love.

Water Bottle Crunch Toy

Create a crunchy toy using a plastic water bottle:

  • Remove the cap and label from the bottle.
  • Place the bottle inside a sock or fabric sleeve.
  • Tie the ends securely. The crunching sound will captivate your dog.

DIY Cat Toys

Feather Wand

Make a feather wand to engage your cat’s hunting instincts:

  • Attach feathers to the end of a string.
  • Tie the string to a stick or dowel.
  • Wave the wand around to entice your cat to chase and pounce.

Cardboard Scratcher

Upcycle cardboard into a scratching pad:

  • Cut the cardboard into strips, each about 2 inches wide.
  • Roll the strips tightly together, securing them with glue.
  • Place the scratcher on the floor for your cat to enjoy.

DIY Small Pet Toys

Toilet Paper Roll Treat Dispenser

Make a simple treat dispenser for small pets like hamsters or guinea pigs:

  • Cut holes in a toilet paper roll, enough for treats to fall out.
  • Place treats inside and fold the ends of the roll to close.
  • Watch your pet roll and nudge the dispenser to get the treats.

Cardboard Hideouts

Create cozy hideouts using cardboard boxes:

  • Cut doorways and windows into small cardboard boxes.
  • Decorate the boxes with non-toxic markers or paint.
  • Arrange the boxes in your pet’s enclosure for them to explore and hide in.

DIY Bird Toys

Paper Chain Toy

Construct a colorful paper chain toy:

  • Cut strips of non-toxic colored paper.
  • Link the strips together to form a chain, securing with glue or tape.
  • Hang the chain in your bird’s cage for them to chew and play with.

Foraging Ball

Create a foraging toy using a wicker ball:

  • Fill a wicker ball with shredded paper and small treats.
  • Hang the ball in the cage for your bird to forage and extract the treats.


DIY pet toys are a fantastic way to keep your pets engaged and entertained while saving money and recycling materials. Using simple household items and creativity, you can create a variety of toys that cater to your pet’s instincts and preferences. Try these DIY projects and watch your pets enjoy their new handmade toys.